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It will be entirely unsurprising to know that we at WLLG unTowers love a guest post, so when this excellent unexample flew in from the superhuman Dan Slee we just ahd to share it.
If you are comms or pr you must enter the unawards
There used to be two steps cycle in comms when a good piece of work is finished, but rarely this happens anymore.
The first step is your boss says 'well done,' and pats you on the back. That still happens. Not as much as it should. But it happens.
The second step is that it gets put in for a glittering award which means a trip somewhere and maybe a one in four chance of walking off with the Big Prize. Big hoorays all round an an appearance in the staff magazine along with the service area you did good things for. In other words, the profile of your team gets raised with the people who matter.
Long ago, before the crash, I used to think that comms people should be seen and not heard in an organisation. What utter rot. Shout about what you are doing. Shout really loudly so your boss and your bosses' boss can hear. In 2014, in a landscape of cuts people really should be shouting. That's where awards come in.
Trouble is in local government these days that has all too often gone out of the window. 

The hurried well done is replaced with a request to help with firefighting and there's an elephant in the room too. This elephant is that your boss would love to put you in for an award, the posh London hotel, the train travel and the overnight London hotel. But your boss doesn't have a spare £600 anymore.

So, that's why we came up with the comms2point0 unawards. It's an awards event that we would want to go to ourselves. It's free to enter. It costs £20 for each member of your team to go and it's in Birmingham. Or to be more precise, the oldest working UK cinema. That's in Station Street. Two minutes from the newly revamped New Street station. Just around the corner from the shopping destination the Bullring. It takes place between 10am and 2pm on Thursday November 11.
What will happen? We'll give out some awards and then we'll sit back for a special screening of comms classic 'In the Loop.'
It's for public sector people. So if you are local government, social housing, central government or the third sector then enter. There's also a private sector category too. So, enter. Only thing is the deadline for entering is November 12.
If you or your team have done something good in 2014 then enter.
If you want to end the year on a prize-winning high then enter.
If you fancy doing something that is Not London then enter.
If you are fed-up of doing a pretty decent job and then not getting the recognition then enter.
And if you just fancy watching 'In the Loop' then just come along anyway. Just buy a ticket.
The comms2point0 unawards categories

1. Best communications team  - chosen by the overall event sponsor

2. Best communications officer (this includes digital too) public vote sponsored by Alive - The Ideas Agency 

 3. Best small team (from one-man band up to three people max) public vote sponsored by David Banks Media Law 

 4. Lifetime achievement to comms public vote sponsored by Touch Design 

 5. Best post on comms2point0 in 2014 public vote sponsored by Alive - The Ideas Agency 

 6. Best internal communications campaign sponsored by All Things IC 

 7. Best communications for change activity sponsored by Public Sector Customer Services Forum

8. Best piece of creative comms sponsored by Capacity Grid

9. Best freebie or low cost communications campaign

10. Best email marketing sponsored by GovDeliveryUK 

11. Best social media campaign sponsored by Digital Action Plan

12. Best private sector/agency comms campaign or initiative sponsored by Lesniak Swann

13. Best ‘Worst comms’ (this can be anything from use of clip art, worst poster, silliest random request - feel free to be creative) sponsored by Alive - The Ideas Agency 

14. Best collaboration Sponsored by Knowledge Hub

How do you enter? More details here but it's breathtakingly simple. Pick a category, tell us in 400 words why you think you should win and then email dan@comms2point0 or darren@comms2point0 by 12 November with your entry.  

For more details about the event click here:
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