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They say you should never go back.

Nine months ago we closed down our blog; the original We Love Local Government.

For those who don’t know; the blog was a daily, and anonymous, blog about local government written by Gareth Young and Glen Ocsko. That last bit of information was only released on the last day of the blog’s existence; after which we hopped off into the sunset for a well-earned break.

Nine months ago we were tired; writing a daily blog is tough going. Writing a daily blog whilst trying to keep it entertaining, informative and anonymous is harder. So after three years and over 250,000 words we closed it down.

Nine months later and a lot has happened. Today we launch the rethought We Love Local Government; this time not as a wordpress blog but instead as a fully-fledged website.

Although this site will contain a blog (indeed, you are reading it right now) this site will be different.

Firstly, it is not anonymous. Anonymity is helpful in many ways; when you are not being malicious it can protect your colleagues and those you serve. However, we always maintained that anything we wrote we would have been happy to publish under our own names. Well, now we get to put that to the test!

Secondly, this blog will only be updated by us twice per week. That is TWICE per week. Both of us have taken a strict pact to only blog once each and we will stick to that (on pain of death). However, this does free up loads of space for others to blog if they want to and the site will be doing lots more than just blogging.  Which leads me to…

Thirdly, we will be doing lots more than just blogging. We want to use this site to provide a community for local government officers, developing and sharing content, answering questions and providing a forum for all people working in local government, in whatever form.

Finally, and most excitedly (for excited read scary!), we are launching the WLLG podcast as well (the pilot episode is available on this site... Any feedback gratefully received but please be gentle!). Hopefully, we will be able to run this twice a month providing news, views, thoughts and commentary about local government in an alternative medium.

We are quite excited by our new venture and the next few posts will explain a little about what we are up to.

We do hope you will enjoy the new site and tell your friends.

All the best

Gareth and Glen

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