Bus-y going nowhere

Written by Glen Ocsko on . Posted in Our blog

Accidents happen and mistakes are made. As we once said, it is important to be proud of the failures; in that case Plymouth Council have a lot to be proud of after they painted bus stop road markings on a road which no bus travelled down.


Apparently the confusion arose as the council repainted miles and miles of roads across Plymouth, which in itself is no small task. However, they didn’t realise that the route for a local bus had been changed a couple of years ago, so painted very nice fresh bus stop markings on the road.


As you’ll see in the pictures on This Is Devon’s website these were soon painted over and removed, with the whole thing costing a grand total of £1245. Not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things perhaps, but still money that didn't need to be spent and was only valuable if this results in a lesson learned for all involved!

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