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The death of policy?

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... ago (how time flies!), we commented that roles like ‘policy officer’ were being reduced rapidly as council’s were looking around for savings. I had forgotten about this whole debate until, whilst at ...

Local - Central 9: Yes Minister; Yes Councillor

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

3rd March 2014 Last week we were privileged to be invited to an event at the Cabinet Office entitled ‘Yes Minister; Yes Councillor’. Organised by three new graduates from the Hertfordshire County Council ...

S**t - I've been hacked!

Created on 17 February 2014. Posted in Our blog

... of hours of it happening on a Sunday morning, but it did make me consider the implications of a bigger hack on a council controlled account. What might the implications be? Who would respond? And what ...

Local – Central 8: Development days

Created on 05 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

... Executive in my authority organised an opportunity for members of staff to shadow their equivalents in some private sector organisations that provide services to our council. It was an opportunity to understand ...

Local – Central 6: Trust

Created on 05 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

... high profile examples. What is striking about this is that it is not just local government who seem to be untrusted but also the local populations who vote for these local councils. If town centre parking ...

Central-Local 5: It’s good to talk

Created on 13 December 2013. Posted in Our blog

... could host ‘open days’ inviting local government officials into their buildings. Individual councils could also reciprocate. ·         Whitehall departments could also follow the lead of DCLG and invite ...

Central - Local 4: The Public Sector Transformation Network

Created on 06 December 2013. Posted in Our blog

... There is a lot more that can already be implemented locally. By taking the initiative councils and local services can lead by example so that others will follow. Already this year Surrey, SE London, West ...

Local – Central 3: Sharing the policy making process

Created on 23 November 2013. Posted in Our blog

... departments I like to think that they make sure that there are civil servants from all departments involved. The same should apply when the policy effects local government. Officers and councillors should ...

Central – Local 2a: The LGA lays out its priorities

Created on 23 November 2013. Posted in Our blog

... according to the press release: The ageing population is increasing demand for council-run adult social care services by 3 per cent each year, meaning councils have to find an extra £400 million per ...