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The K-Hub is dead; long live the K-Hub?

Created on 27 May 2013. Posted in Our blog

... has launched a rescue attempt for the K-Hub. As Dave says on the closure: This is a terrible shame for local government. Cross sector sharing of knowledge and learning is vital if councils are to meet ...

The challenge of complexity

Created on 22 May 2013. Posted in Our blog

... services provided by your local authority and then consider all of the different models for how those are provided. Our sector now has shared services with other councils, private sector companies and ...

20 and Out

Created on 09 May 2013. Posted in Our blog

...  Councils are often quick to judge an officer's worth based upon their first year or two of starting a job. Yes, many do go on to move around a lot and not spend more than that in any one seat, but if ...

Podcast Episode 4 released

Created on 28 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

...  This is the Guardian might be of interest... The risks of social care costs rising etc (Shout out!) ...

Your local online High Street

Created on 17 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

"I'm just popping down the shops". A familiar refrain from the past, and one councils up and down the country are hoping to encourage once again. Despite the rise of out-of-town shopping centres and mega-stores ...

Professional problems

Created on 14 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

... able to hold these professions to account then who can? Or are we left relying on inspection bodies like Ofsted to do it for us?   I don’t believe that the example of Sandwell applies to all councils ...

Tax increases on the poor – Why?

Created on 29 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... system to 326 local schemes in England alone. All councils will have 10% less funding for CTS than they did under CTB. They are required by central government to provide the same level of support to ...

Give us a listen! New podcast episode released

Created on 27 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... councils should help fund football stadiums, why Caerphilly council just can't get it right, public health transitioning, the LGC awards, Eric Pickles and the death of localism and then played the inaugural round ...

The TPA strikes again

Created on 20 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... whether their officers are good value for money, but again they are missing the points here. We once wrote about the fact that DCLG believed that the best way for councils to measure whether or not they ...