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Central-Local 5: It’s good to talk

Created on 13 December 2013. Posted in Our blog

... seasoned civil servant with responsibilities covering local government, this was his first Town Hall visit. Not an unusual situation and one which provides an illustration of a wider problem. There is ...

Central - Local 4: The Public Sector Transformation Network

Created on 06 December 2013. Posted in Our blog

... value for the taxpayer. To be successful requires strong local leadership, trust, and willingness to put local people rather than organisations first. It also requires civil servants to have a much better ...

Central – Local 2a: The LGA lays out its priorities

Created on 23 November 2013. Posted in Our blog

... worker, this really irritated me. This was for three main reasons. Firstly, this felt like the worst sort of beggar my neighbour politics; secondly the rationale underpinning the need for change (namely ...

Central - Local 1a: Abolish the DCLG?

Created on 03 November 2013. Posted in Our blog

... - local relations and how we can improve them. Drawing on the above there are two questions to ask: Firstly, have local authorities been co-conspirators in their own demise and secondly would the abolition ...

Tales from the NHS

Created on 15 September 2013. Posted in Our blog

... the candidate who had come second in the first process but wanted to work in the west anyway applied again and was successful. However, by the time the offer was made my Mum had already worked her notice ...

Hope over experience?!

Created on 04 August 2013. Posted in Our blog

29th August 2013: Over the years this blog has been a champion of two purportedly opposite points of view; firstly that experience within local government is incredibly important (and the rate at which ...

Book review – Hard Change by Dawn Reeves

Created on 10 June 2013. Posted in Our blog

... well drawn and the personalities believable. What of the story? While it is a little difficult to get into the details of the story at first, the awards ceremony scene has too many people in it so early ...