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I can't remember

Created on 24 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

... handovers, lest we lose the lessons it took decades to learn and doom ourselves to repeating the same mistakes made before over the next few decades.  ...

Professional problems

Created on 14 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

... services resigned the next day); we expect them to manage these services on our behalf and then expect them to be responsible when things go wrong. But this leaves politicians stuck between a rock and ...

Anecdote corner – Week 1: Working with Members

Created on 14 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

We all know the expression ‘you can’t make policy based on anecdote’; usually deployed when a politician somewhere inputs into a complex policy debate by referencing their cousin’s next door neighbour. ...

Silence is Golden

Created on 07 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

... have felt the need to respond to opposition attacks on benefits it is equally true that there has been next to no official comment or publicity surrounding the changes. I find this rather strange; so strange ...

The budget: Always read the small print

Created on 27 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... per cent in the next four to five years. The unprotected services have become a safety-valve to allow AME (Annually Managed Expenditure) and protected DEL to continue to grow within Total Managed Expenditure ...

The TPA strikes again

Created on 20 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... were doing a good job was whether their politicians were elected next time around.  The theory obviously went that if things weren’t good enough the public would act with their votes and bring in change. ...


Created on 20 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... Simply print them out and take them with you into your next meeting – the more people in it the better – and use as many as you can. They must be used appropriately and without others noticing; oh, and ...

When is an efficiency not an efficiency?

Created on 20 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... Likewise, my doctor giving me a thorough health check might give me a better service but equally it might lead to him having less time to deal with my next door neighbour who might need a service more ...

Can there be Council Officer Prodigies?

Created on 20 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... hours kicking a ball to each other, why not spend a little time working on inspiring an interest in getting different communities playing sport together? Next time homework is being issued, break out a ...

Youth, and Local Government, is wasted on the young – Part 2

Created on 19 March 2013. Posted in Our blog

... at 16 with some GCSEs and a few contacts, and then spent the next decade and a half slowly climbing my way up the greasy pole.  Not because I feel the burning need for power or authority, just that I’ve ...