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Central – Local 10: Testing the assumption

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... were three key arguments that I picked up from the panel against our presumption: 1) There are lots of people in the civil service that have previously worked in local government and vice versa This ...

Local - Central 9: Yes Minister; Yes Councillor

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... should take some advice from people who have been there and done it. Along with a former Hertfordshire grad who know works in the Cabinet Office, we organised a conference, ‘Yes Minister; Yes Councillor’, ...

S**t - I've been hacked!

Created on 17 February 2014. Posted in Our blog

... telling people how I had found the job of their dreams and all they needed to do was to click on a link. I have no idea how it happened and fixed it asap, but not before dozens of DMs had been sent out ...

Reflections on #UKGC14

Created on 28 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

... of blog posts within hours of it finishing, with people taking up the challenge of sharing five things they took away from the event. This year however it’s been a bit more sparse, and the style of the ...

Local – Central 6: Trust

Created on 05 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

... or bin collections or even council newspapers are such a problem surely the local people will just ‘vote the bums out’ without the intervention of Mr Pickles or his predecessors? And yet, just as central ...

Central-Local 5: It’s good to talk

Created on 13 December 2013. Posted in Our blog

17th December 2013 As this series has developed we've been really keen to engage people from across local and central government in trying to answer the question of how local and central government can ...

Central - Local 4: The Public Sector Transformation Network

Created on 06 December 2013. Posted in Our blog

...  One of the best things about writing this blog is when people get in touch with us to correct something we’ve written, to disagree a little or just to point us in the direction of something we weren’t ...

Local – Central 3: Sharing the policy making process

Created on 23 November 2013. Posted in Our blog

... if we were able to engage the people using those services in the design, and often the delivery, of them. And yet, when it comes to the relationship between central and local government this sort of aspirational ...