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Central – Local 10: Testing the assumption

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... case? At the recent ‘Yes Minister; Yes Councillor’ event I asked the four panellists what could be done to improve local and central relations and, realising that I’d stated my prejudice without caveat, ...

The death of policy?

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... a pretty substantial dose of optimism, rather than a real change across the sector. However, if there has started to be a real shift in the way that local authorities conceptualise and develop policy I ...

Local - Central 9: Yes Minister; Yes Councillor

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

...  The real strength of the civil service is the ability to create policy at impressive speed. A speciality in policy stems from the political control the civil service is subject to. This can mean that ...

S**t - I've been hacked!

Created on 17 February 2014. Posted in Our blog

... anti-hacking software), nor do I believe that any reputational damage is irreparable. It does however require swift and decisive action to be taken if impacts are to be managed. There is no real way ...

Reflections on #UKGC14

Created on 28 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

... putting a load of new considerations up for discussion. I also received offers of support from participants, links to others working on similar issues and pointed in the direction of some really useful ...

Local – Central 8: Development days

Created on 05 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

...  This week we wanted to talk about learning and development and how central/local work shadowing could be used as a realistic alternative to conferences or expensive training courses. Recently, the Chief ...

Local – Central 6: Trust

Created on 05 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

... an issue which is a combination of both but has become so entrenched that it is basically a structural issue now; that of trust between the sectors. Simply put, central government does not really trust ...

Central-Local 5: It’s good to talk

Created on 13 December 2013. Posted in Our blog

17th December 2013 As this series has developed we've been really keen to engage people from across local and central government in trying to answer the question of how local and central government can ...