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Created on 09 May 2014. Posted in Our blog

... again all things local government and sharing my thoughts and opinions, even if the only outcome of that is to start a debate as to why others may disagree with me. I may find myself drawn more towards ...

‘First past the post' - National Planning Practice Guidance

Created on 31 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... cooperate and the NPPG approach to unmet need, let us just get something important out of way - guard railing. Yep that’s right, guard railing. Presumably this item of street furniture weighs heavily ...

Local – Central: Time to sum up

Created on 16 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... or local government to do anything on their own is constrained and limited. Only by better working together can the two parts of our democratic structure ensure that the outcomes demanded by the people ...

Taking Paternity Leave

Created on 16 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... a short-term replacement my three month period is a bit awkward for the council; not long enough to get someone in and for them to usefully do anything but not short enough to be easily ignored. Thankfully, ...

Different Votes for Different Folks

Created on 06 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... up rather than something you do only if you have to. Local government elections could very easily become the way of proving this on a much wider level. It might be hard to start getting young people ...

The death of policy?

Created on 02 March 2014. Posted in Our blog

... has often led to a ‘follow-the-leader’ approach from councils. Policy then often became about interpreting and responding to the centre rather than doing anything interesting; all of the interesting work ...

S**t - I've been hacked!

Created on 17 February 2014. Posted in Our blog

Over the weekend I was hacked. Not all of my accounts, and I have very different and secure passwords for my important things like banking, but my Twitter account for the space of a few hours started ...

Reflections on #UKGC14

Created on 28 January 2014. Posted in Our blog

... of blog posts within hours of it finishing, with people taking up the challenge of sharing five things they took away from the event. This year however it’s been a bit more sparse, and the style of the ...