We Love Local Government Podcast

A fortnightly podcast looking at the wide and wonderful world of local government in the UK

Episode 16 - the one where we revisit localism and launch our secret facebook page

In this episode we look at whether we've really seen the worst of the cuts, if localism is always the best way, more about the Tower Hamlets shenanigans and we mention our new secret facebook page.

2014-07-31 We Love Local Government

Episode 15 - The one where we talk about all the fun things we've been doing over the last few weeks and the issue around striking

In this episode of the WLLG podcast we talk about some of the field trips we've undertaken recently, from localgovcamp to the Strategic Leaders Forum. We also take a detour to look at the forthcoming strike and what it might mean for those involved.

2014-07-03 We Love Local Government

Episode 14 - The one where we ironically talk about a late election count after being late podcasting

In this episode we focus on two things - the 2014 local elections (and ask how do Sunderland manage to count quite so quickly?!) and one of our journeys over to the private sector.

2014-06-05 We Love Local Government

Episode 13 - The one where we discuss money, culture and how many parking signs you can fit in a mile

On this show we take a look at whether or not Brighton's plans to hold a council tax referendum are really all that bad, and debate whether Council's should act as modern day Arthur Daley's by curating and keeping hold of cultural objects rather than cashing in.

2014-01-23 We Love Local Government

Episode 12 - The one where we return from our winter hibernation

In this episode we return from the land of the forgotten to talk about some of the things which are on our minds in the world of local government. We are mixing things up a bit, so expect to hear about the Wolverhampton City financial problems, UKGovCamp 14 and the joys of iPad working.

2014-01-12 We Love Local Government

Episode 11 - the one where we park a few thoughts

In this episode we take a look at parking, how Slough are using spy planes and whether HR Policies really can be distilled into 140 characters

2013-08-04 We Love Local Government

Episode 10 - The one where we channelled our inner Nicholas Parsons

This time around we look at licensing laws, planning laws and common sense laws, before discussing the DCLG going over budget, Doncaster hitting more problems and the ten big ideas from the LGA conference.

2013-07-17 We Love Local Government

Episode 9 - The one from the LGA 2013 Conference

This special episode comes from the 2013 LGA conference, and includes as many interviews as we could cram into one show.

2013-07-05 We Love Local Government

Episode 8 - The one where we speak to someone new

This week we are joined by our very first guest, author of Hard Change Dawn Reeves, who chews the fat on her debut novel as well as some of the wider issues facing local government. We also give our first impressions of the Comprehensive Spending Review and find out why waiting till nightfall to check if a streetlight is working is not always the best idea.

2013-07-01 We Love Local Government

Episode 7 - The one where we get more cultural than a yoghurt

In this show we look at why the grass may be longer as well as greener, whether local government gets a bad press in the arts and ask whether E-Pic will soon be leaving us.

2013-06-17 We Love Local Government

Episode 6 - The one where we wonder where all the knowledge went to

This episode we look at more care system in crisis problems, how Stoke tried to take 6000 people to court, just how much Eric Pickles loves flags and whether the potential demise of the Knowledge Hub is the end of the digital world.

2013-06-02 We Love Local Government

Episode 5 - The one where we had the long awaited sequel to The King's Speech

In this show we discuss what the Queen's Speech meant for local government and briefly look at what the recent local elections mean for many Councils. The DCLG said some nice things about their charges, while some residents didn't say some nice things about changes to their bin collections. Finally, Gareth and Glen face off in the We Love Local Government challenge, this time mashing up local government and music.

2013-05-14 We Love Local Government

Episode 4 - The one where we find out what local really means

In this podcast we look at the latest news in the world of local government and a little bit of a faux pas in Swindon as well as taking a quick look at just how local the election launches of the bigger parties really were.

2013-04-28 We Love Local Government

Episode 3 - The one where all the rules changed

It was 1 April recently, and for some reason we all like changing the rules on that date. From housing benefits and town hall pravdas via a look in at the DCLG and a play in the park we take another sideways look at all things local government.

2013-04-11 We Love Local Government

Episode 2 - the one with Public Health, Council balls-up of the week and the introduction of the Challenge

This week we look at everything from the DCLG's work on housing for migrants, Caerphilly's continuing struggles, what public health might mean for local government and of course touch on the budget amongst other things.

We also introduce our local government challenge game - who will win this opening bout?

2013-03-27 We Love Local Government

WLLG Episode 1

The very first recording we have produced. Please, be gentle.

2013-03-11 We Love Local Government